"Laurie Dawn  is colorful as the mercurial Mrs. Van Dann..."
- - Tom Weber - Minnesota Post-Bulletin

Civic's 'Anne Frank is powerful. emotional production

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I play Arturo Castro's wife in this new series.  Great shoot! Arturo is known to most from his work on BROAD CITY and NARCOS. Coming this fall!

On The Road Again!

June 2016
l-r Craig Belwood, Amiee Grace Charlie Owens , Richard Price, Melissa Carlile-Price,  and the subtle stylings of Laurie Dawn
with  Charlie Owens
January thru March 2016

Laurie as Kate Keller in the Tony Award-winning drama - Cross continental US tour

Autumn 2015
 Laurie co-starred as Louise Segers with Yesenia McNett as Patsy Cline in this critically-acclaimed hit by Ted Swindley
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