1. Manhattan Melodies
  2. The Left Coast
  3. The Beauty Queen Of Leenane (2001)
  4. backstage at Barefoot In The Park
  5. Ivoryton Playhouse
  6. Costume parade for A Christmas Carol
  7. My new wig
  8. Descending from my two-banger
  9. our dressing room at the John Engeman theatre
  10. Faith Healer rehearsal
  11. Two show day
  12. Buzz and me at Ivoryton
  13. The Lunts
  14. in my dressing room
  15. Staatstheater Saarbrücken, 2012
  16. Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart
  17. This is how I emerge from the dressing room
  18. Mike check
On set and behind the scenes

Woe unto the versatile actor.

I know. It would be sooo much easier if I could stick to one, tidy, shoehornable, type. But I get a bang out of diversity and surprise. I am as at home playing upper class as I am working class. Loaded with class or no class.
  1. The Beauty Queen Of Leenane
    "Dawn plays Maureen with rich depth, aptly revealing her loneliness, sensuality, frustration and anger. She seamlessly vacillates between being in and out of control. The layers of [her] character are peeled in a deliciously timed way - Erin Auerbach LAS VEGAS WEEKLY
  2. Crumbs From The Table Of Joy
    "… is blessed with a superb cast… Laurie Dawn brings depth and balance and awakens Ernestine to complexities of racial identity and to how prejudice plays many ways." - Larry Parnass DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE
  3. Last Of The Red Hot Lovers
    "Laurie Dawn paints a constricted, conflicted, tortured portrait of cognitive dissonance …and embittered distress. [She] brings a long-awaited, yet unexpected climax." - Roger McBain EVANSVILLE COURIER PRESS
Laurie Dawn and Sean Young
John Engeman Theatre, Northport, NY 2015